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SFI30119 Certificate III in Aquaculture

National ID: SFI30119 | State ID: BEI5

Are you looking to join a school of fish lovers?

This course is ideal for those looking to expand on the skills and knowledge they gained in Certificate II in Aquaculture. It also comes packed with opportunities to upskill with either boating or diving skills. While a solid foundation in aquatic science is essential, the aquaculture sector prefers to hire staff with additional boating and/or diving qualifications.  

South Metropolitan TAFE offers two streams.

· Certificate III in Aquaculture (Vessel Operations)

oIn addition to this qualification you can obtain your grade 1 coxswains.

·Certificate III in Aquaculture (Diving Operations)

o In addition to this qualification, you will get an open water and advanced PADI tickets.

·Certificate III in Aquaculture (Vessel Operations & Diving Operation)

You will gain the following knowledge and skills:

·Care for and maintain fish stocks, culture and holding environments 

·Installing or constructing stock culture or holding structures and other allied structures

·Assessing and controlling biosecurity and stock health and treating aquatic stock for diseases

·Monitoring and maintaining water quality

·Co-ordinating feeding activities, handling and harvesting operations for aquatic stock

·Operating high technology water treatment components

·Implementing emergency procedures, occupational health and safety policies and guidelines

The Fremantle campus features a working aquaculture facility with hatchery tanks and filtration systems and is within convenient walking distance to the fishing industry in Fremantle. The lecturers have a strong relationship with the Australian Centre for Applied Aquaculture Research (ACAAR) in the neighbouring facility.

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

Course overview

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Batavia Coast Maritime Institute

  • Six months
  • Not competitive
  • No selection criteria
Location Duration Competitive Selection criteria
Batavia Coast Maritime Institute Six months No No selection criteria
View this course on South Metro Tafe's website


  • One semester
  • Not competitive
  • No selection criteria
Location Duration Competitive Selection criteria
Fremantle One semester No No selection criteria

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