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SFI20119 Certificate II in Aquaculture

National ID: SFI20119 | State ID: BEI8

Are you looking to join a school of fish lovers?

This qualification is the crucial first step towards an exciting career in aquaculture. This course provides students with a range of core skills and knowledge relevant to working in the aquaculture industry. Graduates go on to further studies or working in a range on environments including onshore aquaculture facilities, offshore culture facilities and the ornamental fish industry.

Gain the following skills and knowledge:

·Handling and harvesting stock,

·Preparing stock for live transport,

·Monitoring stock and environmental conditions,

·Producing algal cultures, and

·Working effectively in the seafood industry

Aquaculture is a fast-growing industry. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) issued a report in 2018 stating that ‘aquaculture is fastest growing food production sector worldwide’. Typical entry-level jobs for those holding Certi?cate II include:

·Australian and overseas aquaculture farms

·Hatcheries and nurseries   

·Live post-harvest holding facilities, such as processing plants, wholesalers or 

·Transporters, pet shops, public aquaria, zoos or other facilities with aquatic animals 

Study in a specialised facility in the maritime heart of Fremantle: 

Fremantle campus features extensive salt and freshwater aquaculture facilities, and experienced staff.This offers plenty of relevant hands-on opportunities. Our staff have involved students in the culture and applied research projects of many marine and freshwater organisms over the last two decades including species such as abalone, dhufish, yellowtail kingfish, marron and barramundi.

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

Successful completion of this course prepares you for roles such as: Farm hand | Shop hand | General hand | Farm labourer | Feeder | Pond worker | Hatchery | Nursery assistant.

Course overview

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Batavia Coast Maritime Institute

  • One semester
  • Not competitive
  • No selection criteria
Location Duration Competitive Selection criteria
Batavia Coast Maritime Institute One semester No No selection criteria

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